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The birth of Luxury Careers Canada was the natural progression of various collaborations over the years with our many Retail Clients and Retail Media/Marketing supporters. Best Retail Careers International and Retail Staffing Canada had been serving the general market for about a decade. However, Luxury Retailers continually felt there was a lack of support in the industry to find the specific talent they were looking for.

Nearly 75% in our polling said they struggled to hire the calibre of talent they needed.

Yet 50% of Luxury Staffing said they had a difficult time connecting with luxury retailers they wanted to work for.

Voila! Luxury Careers Canada was the perfect solution.

Luxury Careers Canada provides the one stop portal the candidates need to make their connections with quality retailers AND we provides a messaging board for elite retailers to broadcast directly to the audience they want: saving time and money. We hope you enjoy our pathway to success for the Luxury industry and as always, if you have suggestions we definitely want to hear from you.


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